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  • Alumni Invited to Participate in Speaker Series

    The Phi Phi Chapter is looking to begin an alumni speaker series, in which recent and old alums would be invited to come speak to current undergraduates about their careers and experiences.

    If you are interested in speaking of your career success and providing career advice to our active brothers, please contact Chapter President Kevin Emancipator at kevine@wharton.upenn.edu

  • Landmark Scholarship Established

    This year, our chapter established a scholarship for freshmen, called the Landmark Scholarship in honor of our four landmarks. This scholarship was established thanks to the generous donation of Mary Leferovich, the widow of the late John Leferovich ’53. Each year, a freshman who we believe best exemplifies the landmarks of Alpha Chi Rho will be chosen, through a series of interviews and events with the brotherhood. This scholarship is meant to aid in the intellectual, moral and social development of the awardee, to help them “Be Men.”

  • Homecoming 2015 Yields Largest Turnout in Years!

    A great time was had on both Friday evening and all day Saturday at the 2015 Homecoming celebration.  Attendance was boosted by the class of 1995, which had a slightly delayed celebration of their 20 year reunion—making this year’s Homecoming the largest attendance we’ve seen in years!  Alumni from almost every decade could be found checking out their old stomping ground and could see some recent improvements that are a result of the capital campaign.  The food and beverage selections throughout the day were top notch as usual, thanks to the hard work and planning of Olivia and Wayne Levy ’99.  A Saturday night bonfire in the backyard was also a nice addition to the festivities. Be sure to join us next year!

    Do you have pictures from Homecoming to share? Please upload them in the online albums.

  • How Would You Preserve Your "Home" at Penn?

    Last month, we shared a testimonial from Peter Sigmund '51, who stated his reasons for supporting the Centennial Capital Campaign to help renovate the Phi Phi house.

    Now, just for fun, we'd  like to ask you what one thing you'd like to see preserved at the house, and the memory behind it. Was it a great talk with a roommate in your old room? A great party in the basement? A cookout with brothers in the backyard?

    Share your piece of the house and the memory behind it that you'd like to forever preserve on the discussion forum.

  • Brothers are Asking for Your Help in Philanthropy Haunted House Project

    AXP undergraduates are combining fun with philanthropy this Halloween. Brothers are teaming up with SERVE Philadelphia to host a haunted house for kids in an under-served community of Southwestern Philadelphia.

    We are hoping to raise $700 to help buy supplies and create the best haunted house possible for this community. Donations to this effort are tax deductible. If you'd like to support this great cause, contact Chapter President Kevin Emancipator at kevine@wharton.upenn.edu

  • See You at Homecoming November 7!

    We hope to see you at Homecoming on November 7th! Dozens of your brothers from every generation are planning to be in attendance. Come join us for good company, an exciting football game, and great food and drinks.

  • Celebrating Lifelong AXP Friendships Across the Globe

    Thanks to Manuel Salvador Calero Bellorin for sharing this photo of him and fellow AXP brothers Yoram LePair, Gerardo Burgos, and Eduardo Briceno on holiday in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The bonds of brotherhood really do span the globe!

  • "AXP Was Our Home on Campus"

    Peter Sigmund ’51 has set an example for us all. Nearly 65 years after graduating from Penn, he still has fond memories of his days at AXP and has graciously supported the Centennial Capital Campaign in honor of his experience. He encourages brothers of all eras to do the same.

    “Brothers should support the campaign because the AXP house was our home on campus,” he said. “We shared it with our brothers and would like to continue it so others can have the same experience. As we all like to keep our own homes in good shape, we should keep our shared home in shape as the place that has meant so much to us all.”

    Follow in Pete’s footsteps and make a commitment to the Centennial Capital Campaign. Click here to make your pledge. 

  • The Return of the House Mother?

    With a renovated Phi Phi house on the horizon, this article caught our eye. Officials at the University of Michigan are considering reinstating the role of the house mother--or a live-in housing director--in fraternities on their campus.

    What are your thoughts on this concept? Is the way of the house mother a dated part of history? Or would fraternities thrive with live-in advisors guiding the way? Share your thoughts in the discussion forum.

  • All in the Family: Leaving a Legacy at Phi Phi

    For Allen Staib '55, his membership in Alpha Chi Rho is a family affair. His father Art ('20) and brother Art Jr. ('51), who passed away in November 2014, were also both Phi Phi brothers.

    The Staib family has left quite a legacy at 219 South 36th Street. The moose head over the fireplace hangs in honor of the family, after being purchased by Art Sr. when the original went missing.

    “When we visited the fraternity house as kids and later pledged, the moose head over the fireplace was very impressive and memorable,” recalls Allen. “It was part of the décor for many years prior to Dad joining the fraternity. 

  • Matthew Manarski ’13 Enters Chapter Eternal

    We are saddened to announce the passing of Matthew Manarski '13, who entered Chapter Eternal Sunday, July 19.

    Fellow brother Will Doyle '12 says that Matt was a great addition to the Alpha Chi Rho brotherhood. "He was always extremely thoughtful and full of great ideas and energy," said Will. "Always caring for others and willing to help out on the tasks that both did and did not come with the glory. He will be greatly missed in this world."

    Click here to read Matt's full obituary.

  • Phi Phi Poker Club in NYC

    Thank you to Dick Nelson '07 for submitting this great photo of a Phi Phi poker game. Dick has been hosting a poker game for NYC area Phi Phi brothers every few months for the past few years.

    Dick says "having an event like this is a good way to connect with friends from long ago and talk about old times."

  • Giving Back in Some Small Way

    We'd like to thank David Eisenberg '67 for becoming one of the newest names added to the growing list of supporters on the Centennial Capital Campaign Honor Roll. He says "I contributed in a small way financially because the fraternity was a good experience for me in many ways. On the rare occasions I visit Penn, I first want to go to the house because that is where I have a sense of real belonging."

    Join David on the Honor Roll in honor of your AXP experience. Click here to make your pledge to the Centennial Capital Campaign.

  • Cooking Up Some Exciting Things at Penn

    Recent graduate Jason Lau knows the secret to winning over fellow Phi Phi brothers and other Penn students: feed them, feed them well. A graduate of the Wharton class with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Chinese studies, Jason moonlights as chef extraordinaire, tempting the taste buds of fellow Quakers through his pop-up restaurant, the Locust Street Supper Club. His culinary skills also led him to cater a formal dinner at AXP for 20 brothers and their guests.

  • Will You Help Us Get Started on the Next Set of Projects?

    As we continue to raise $500,000 to completely renovate the Phi Phi house, we ask that you consider making your commitment to the Centennial Capital Campaign today as we look ahead to the next set of items on our project list, which include:

    • Purchasing new dining room furniture (tables and benches)
    • Purchasing and installing new letters for the back of the house that faces college green, similar to the ones recently installed on the front of the house
    • Completing a variety of electrical upgrades over the summer

    Click here to learn much more about the Centennial Capital Campaign and to make your contribution.

  • What's Your Best Memory of the Phi Phi House?

    As we approach the chapter’s Centennial Celebration in 2016, we want to compile the best stories and photos that happened within the walls of 219 S. 36th St. Add your piece to our rich history! Did you meet your spouse at AXP? Form lifelong friendships there? Remember a particularly great tradition, ritual, or party that happened at the house? Share your story to add to the first 100 years of history of our house.

    Click here to share your stories in our discussion forum, and share your best photos from within or outside the house in our online albums.

  • Bringing a Global Experience to AXP

    Fabian Sommer ’16 brings quite the cultural background to Phi Phi. Originally from Vienna, Austria, he speaks four languages and has spent two of his undergraduate semesters studying abroad. In this Q&A, the International Studies and Business major shares how he became acclimated to life in the US, how AXP has impacted his life, and why he’s proud to be part of such a longstanding tradition.

  • Your Pledge Helps Preserve So Much More than Just the House

    219 S. 36th St. is so much more than just a house. That’s why your commitment to the Centennial Capital Campaign supports much more than the bricks & mortar that make up its physical structure. More, it supports the century of friendships, memories, and character-building life skills that were formed and developed there, and help ensure that Phi Phi will make the same impact on future generations of brothers. Click below to see how you can help.

  • Centennial Capital Campaign Surpasses $76,000, Needs Your Support

    Join thegrowing list of brothers who have committed to help us raise the $500,000 needed to fund an extensive set of project as the house. To date, we have raised $76,117 from 154 contributors.

    Click here to learn much more about the Centennial Capital Campaign and make your pledge.


  • Save the Composites

    A side-by-side comparison of the two halves of the 1963 composite. The left is the original composite, the right shows the composite after restoration.The class composites in the chapter house merge our history with our present. Unfortunately, over the years, many composites have been lost or irreparably damaged. Members are strongly encouraged to do as Byron Connell '63 did and have your composite restored before it is too late.

  • Paying it Forward

    Fred SanfilippoFred Sanfilippo ’70 credits his time at Phi Phi as where he began building the skills and values necessary to launch a successful career as a physician-scientist and medical center leader. That’s why he wants to help future generations of Phi Phi brothers who have an interest in healthcare by establishing the Sanfilippo Phi Phi Scholarship.

  • Leading the Way for Our Future

    Jordan Gushurst '95 has played a big role in leading Phi Phi in his alumni years. He is co-chair of the Centennial Campaign, a graduate board member, and project manager on the basement renovations. When he's not volunteering for AXP, he works as an independent software consultant for the energy industry, focusing on energy trading and risk management. In this Q&A, he shares a bit more about himself and why he is giving back to Phi Phi in such a big way.

  • Are You On the Naughty List?

    Nearly 75 of our alumni are. Well, we're considering them naughty because they haven't kept us updated with their full contact information. How else is Santa AXP going find them?

    Phi Phi Club runs a comprehensive alumni communications program to keep our brothers connected via frequent email and print publications. If you haven't been receiving our snail mail communications, check to see if your name is on the naughty (lost) list. Follow the instructions to update your mailing address information, and that of any other brothers you may be in touch with. Our database is used solely for AXP communications and will never be traded or sold.

  • Undergrad Q&A: Meet the New Chapter President

    Incoming Chapter President Eric Burbulla spent the fall semester abroad, studying in France where he learned perspective which he’ll carry with him as he leads the chapter next year. Eric is a junior from Detroit, Mich., with a dual major in business through Wharton (with marketing and statistics concentrations) and in materials science as part of the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology through the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. In this Q&A he shares more about his time abroad, his goals as chapter president, and why he wants more alumni to get involved with Phi Phi.

  • Happy Holidays

    During this season of appreciation and giving thanks, we thank you for being a part of our active alumni association. Best wishes to you and yours for a joyous holiday and a Happy New Year!

  • Give Thanks

    In this season of giving and giving thanks, we'd like to thank you thank the 180+ alumni and friends who have supported the Centennial Capital Campaign. Because of alumni support, we are able to complete major improvements at the house to ensure it remains a safe, competitive place that enables AXP to be an attractive living option for undergraduates and potential recruits. Thank  you to all who have given back!

    If you have not already made your campaign commitment, please consider giving back to AXP during this season of thanks and generosity. Click hereto make your pledge.

  • Imagine: Your Name on the New Bar

    The recent basement flood means our insurance is paying to renovate it, but the bar area needed a significant upgrade above and beyond what insurance will cover. We are hoping that a graduating class will chip in to give at least $5000 to have the bar area dedicated to their class and cover the vastly-improved setup.

  • A Happy Homecoming

    Thank you to the brothers and friends who came back to Phi Phi for Homecoming 2014! Find more pictures and share your own in the online photo album.

  • Turning Lemons into Lemonade

    The flooding of the basement was definitely an unexpected distraction at the start of our capital campaign. However, sometimes good things come in unexpected ways. We have a new furnace, new hot water heater and an essentially new basement as a result of the flood.

  • See You at Homecoming!

    Saturday, November 1st is Penn’s Homecoming, and the AXP House is hoping to see you! Dozens of your brothers will be coming by for great food and drinks and to see the newly renovated basement, as well as the 1pm Penn football game and lots of other Penn activities. It won’t be the same without you, so please RSVP. More info on Homecoming can be found by clicking here!  You don't want to miss it!

  • That Time Carla from Cheers Came to AXP

    Each era has its own unique stories to tell from its brothers' time at AXP, like the brothers in 1991 who were there when Carla from Cheers stopped by the house.

    We're working hard to preserve the best memories captured on film in our online photo archives. Click here to view many more great pictures from throughout our chapter's history and to share your own.

  • Campaign Donor List Continues to Grow

    Thank you to the alumni and friends who have made gifts and pledges since May 2013, which have been earmarked to the Centennial Capital Campaign.

    Remember, the ultimate goal of the capital campaign is to renovate our beloved chapter house, making the house more competitive at Penn and therefore recruiting a higher caliber of brothers to perpetuate Phi Phi's longstanding legacy. If you have not yet supported the campaign efforts, click here to make your contribution.

  • New Curtains in the Dining Room

    The chapter recently installed new curtains in the dining room. This is a great example of how far even a $500 donation can go toward drastically improving the appearance of the house.

    We invite you to come back to see the latest renovations and the value of our alumni contributions during Homecoming on November 1.

  • Homecoming is Just 6 Weeks Away!

    Make plans to join your AXP brothers for Homecoming on November 1. Stay tuned to www.phiphiclub.com for event details.

  • Meet Our Newest "Brother", Brody

    Meet Brody, Phi Phi's newest addition. The chapter rescued Brody earlier this summer, thanks to a family friend of House Manager Eric Murray. Before Brody came to Phi Phi, he was living in a trash dump in Florida with a huge scab on his ear. He made his way to Philly, where he has been welcomed in and cared for by AXP brothers. The chapter reports that his ear has healed, that he's become accustomed to his new surroundings, and causes no trouble in the house (although he does love to give the puppy eyes when brothers have food). We also hear that he's a hit with the ladies!

    Brothers are always ready to walk him, play with him, and give him treats, so he's definitely enjoying life at AXP. The chapter has a fund set up to cover any future vet or emergency bills. If you would like to add to that fund in honor of our newest house dog, please contact Eric Murray at ericmurray93@gmail.com.

  • Basement Demolition Begins

    Three weekends, 10 brothers and 92 working hours later, the entire basement has been relocated to the backyard. Time to start the renovation!

    View more pictures of the demolition, and stay up-to-date on renovation progress, on our chapter's Facebook page.

  • What It Means to Be Greek

    As we work to preserve our home at Penn for the next 100 years through the Centennial Campaign, it is more important than ever that we, as alumni, join forces to maintain the true legacy of the Greek experience.

    This blog post is a great testament to the lifelong experience of being Greek, and hopefully a good reminder to you to honor your commitment to and renew your participation with AXP in your alumni years.

    An excerpt from the blog reads "Being Greek means being a part of something far bigger than yourself. Not only are you part of a community, but you're also part of a history and a tradition. From the moment you're initiated until the day you die you're expected to honor your founders, breathe your values, and live your creed. While it takes someone special to receive a bid, it takes someone even more special to become an official member of one of our organizations. Being Greek is both a responsibility and a privilege."

    We hope you agree, and honor the responsibility you bear to support our efforts to preserve our home at Penn. Take a few moments to read the blog, then come back to share your thoughts in the comments section.

  • Join the Club

    Thank you to all the alumni who contributed to the Centennial Campaign in the past year. Thanks to your support, we are one step closer to raise the $500,000 needed to make major infrastructure improvements to the chapter house to protect the health and safety of our undergraduate brothers, improve recruitment efforts, and secure our prime campus location.  We'd especially like to thank the 29 alumni who have made gifts or pledges of $1,000+ this year (click Read More to see the list). 

  • Alumni Day a Success

    Alumni Day 2014 was a great success! Dozens of alumni from various decades enjoyed the house and good company. We hope to see everyone again at Homecoming on November 1.

    Pictured here (L to R): Benji Power, Jimmy Sastra, Suresh Swaminathan, Deepak Kollali, and Dan Casey (all AXP ' 04). Click here to view more pictures.

  • First Renovation Project at Phi Phi Completed

    The House has a new and improved first floor bathroom, the first of many steps to completely renovate the House after the flood and as part of our Centennial Campaign.

    Next up on our project list is to completely renovate the basement following the unfortunate flood this past winter. Demolition and removal of moldy walls/paneling has already begun. We are still seeking donations to help with this cleanup effort. If you haven't yet pledged your support for the Centennial Capital Campaign, click here to learn more about how your donation will make a big difference for the future of Phi Phi. You can find more pictures of the renovations in the online album.

  • Happiness = Greek Life?

    Does Greek Life truly equal happiness? A recent study by Gallup and published in The Wall Street Journal seems to indicate so. After interviewing more than 30,000 US college graduates, the study found that "...fraternity and sorority members are more likely than all other college graduates to be thriving in each of the five elements of well-being (purpose, physical, social, financial, and community). Thus, fraternity and sorority members are more likely than their non-Greek counterparts to find fulfillment in daily work and interactions, to have strong social relationships and access to the resources people need, to feel financially secure, to be physically healthy, and to take part in a true community."

    Click here to read more about the survey, then come back and click Read More to share your thoughts in our comments section.

  • Cleanup at Phi Phi

    Undergraduate brothers and alumni volunteers have been busy cleaning up the basement at the Phi Phi house following a near-disastrous flood that struck over holiday break when a sprinkler pipe burst after the boiler broke down. Read more to learn more about the cleanup progress, what projects still need to be completed, and what you can do to help. 

  • Happy New Year

    Phi Phi Club wishes you a joyous new year celebration and best wishes in 2014.

  • Benefits of the Rappaport Scholarship

    Will Doyle '12 is a lucky Phi Phi brother who benefitted from the Rappaport Scholarship not once but twice! He was awarded the scholarship as a junior in the fall of 2010, then again as a senior the following year. The scholarship afforded him some financial stability as he pursued his dual studies in Finance, Operations and Information Management, and Healthcare Management and Policy. We thank Will for sharing with us how the scholarship further impacted his college experience.

  • Celebrating a Century of Memories

    As we prepare for the 100th birthday of our Chapter House in 2017, we thought that it would be fun to collect and feature the best stories and memories that occurred within those walls over the last century. Thank you to Vincent Palusci MD '80 for sharing this story and photo...

  • Giving It Our All

    In 2017, our Chapter House will turn 100 years old. This century-old facility has served as the cornerstone for the AXP traditions we've all shared, and for the unique experiences we've all enjoyed.

  • A Great Homecoming

    Alumni brothers who visited AXP along with their guests this Homecoming saw that the undergrads did an admirable job of cleaning the house, and that the Phi Phi Club still knows how to party.

  • A Mystery Nearly a Century in the Making

    A piece of memorabilia found by Andrew Karter '10 found at the Penn Club of NY is creating quite a stir on Facebook. The item, a page from the 1918 Record yearbook, shows a picture of the current Phi Phi house but lists the address as 118 South 25th Street. This has sparked quite a discussion on Facebook as to why the address would be listed differently than what we know it to be: 219 South 36th Street.

  • Homecoming 2013 — Help us send the Princeton Boys Back to Jersey!

    Undefeated in the Ivy League thus far, the Quakers are entering the second half of the 2013 football season hungry for more conference wins.  We all know how amazingly different it is to enjoy the game at Franklin Field instead of at home, especially for our Homecoming game against Princeton on Saturday, November 9(more detail on our Penn Alumniwebsite). We invite all our alumni to come back and enjoy the game together like old times. Please register through our event page so we know that you are coming back. Click "read more" for some photos from last year's Homecoming and this year's reunion.

  • Get to Know Your New Chapter President

    Michael Reynolds is this year’s Chapter President. Get to know all about him, his journey as a Brother at Alpha Chi Rho, and what he foresees being his biggest challenge this year.

  • FSPAC Fights for Tax Break Legislation

    With nearly 70% of all Congressmen and senators belonging to Greek organizations, the Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee (FSPAC) is rallying to gain their support for a tax break bill that would mean massive changes for every Greek organization. However, recent negative media coverage of the legislation threatens to derail FSPAC efforts so far.

  • Phi Phi Crushes Last Year's Annual Fund Total

    At present, 77 generous brothers have contributed $14,110 in support of Alpha Chi Rho at Penn. This is quite an increase from last year’s $9,470 fundraising total.

  • Spring 2013 AXP Newsletter

    The Spring 2013 AXP newsletter is now available! Click hereto check it out.

  • Phi Phi's Website Gets a Makeover

    Have you seen the changes on our website? To improve your online experience, we are excited to share our revamped web platform, complete with a visual overhaul and new features to make reconnecting easier. The website is still available at www.phiphiclub.com, but your username and password have changed temporarily (you can change yours back when you login the first time).

  • The Decade Challenge: Brothers from the 60s and 70s Lead in Donor Participation

    The 60s and 70s are leading the way in annual fund giving so far this year. Alumni contributions are the foundation of our organization. See how your decade is represented in the decade challenge, and make a gift today. Give Now.

  • Phi Phi Alums Weigh in on Events, Donations and More

    In a recent e-mail survey distributed to all Phi Phi alums, brothers shared their thoughts on their alumni experience.

  • The Last Hurrah of College

    Exams are over, the boxes are packed, and the cap and gown is pressed and ready for the big event. Graduation day is such a bittersweet moment in our lives, as we say goodbye to the youth and vitality of college life, and usher in a new era in our lives: full-blown adulthood. Think back to your own time and tell us a story about your graduation day.  How did you spend your final days as an undergraduate member of Phi Phi Club? Were there any last hurrahs or memorable moments with brothers that especially stand out?   

    Share your story by commenting below, or email content@affinityconnection.com.

  • Party was a success!

    Our recent party was a smash! Glad to see you all there!

    We hope everyone can come next year.

  • Welcome to Our New Online Community!

    As a Phi Phi, you are a brother for life. There are plenty of ways to honor your lifelong commitment to Alpha Chi Rho and stay connected with Phi Phi Chapter and the friends you met there, and we've provided a new tool to help you do so through our new alumni community! This web site is FOR alumni BY alumni, so we need your active participation to keep the site content fresh and meaningful for our alumni brotherhood.

    Here's how:

    First and foremost, register on the site to get full access to all of the sections. It's free and easy! Just click on First Time Login on the home page, then enter your last name. Once you select your record you'll be prompted to enter your Member ID, which you can find at the top of your email announcement. If you can't find your Member ID, contact our web site host at webrequests@affinityconnection.com for assistance.

    Update your contact information and keep it updated as you move – especially your new/permanent mailing address and email address – so we can keep you informed of the latest news and event details, and so other brothers can stay connected with you too. Click here to update your record online, or you can email your updates to our alumni relations firm at feedback@affinityconnection.com.

    Share a story. Upload your latest news on weddings, babies, career highlights and more in the alumni updates section. Or, share a favorite memory (or two), weigh in on an existing topic or start a new thread on the message boards.

    Take a walk down memory lane. Browse our online photo albums, and share your own pictures in your personal album. Click here to learn how to share your best shots.

    Find a friend. You can use the searchable directory to find other Phi Phis in your area or from your era.

    The Phi Phi Club exists to ensure your AXP experience lasts a lifetime, and we rely on your active participation to do so. We look forward to connecting with you on our new online community!

  • Get Full Access to Our Online Community

    Are you missing out on full access to our online community? Certain sections of the site are password-protected, including the photo albums, message boards and online directory. If you don't yet have a username and password to log into our site, please register today by following the first-time login process. It's quick and easy. All you'll need is your Member ID to complete the first time login process.

    Click here to learn where to find your Member ID.

  • Alumni Survey: What do you think?

    The Phi Phi Club exists because you exist. Our promise to you is to serve and entertain you with opportunities to connect: with your experiences, with each other, and with the fraternity you became an integral part of when you pledged.

    You may not think so, but you are... integral, important, critical, vital, absolutely necessary. Your opinions and insights are more valuable than all our assets combined.

    Take this survey to help us drive our alumni program for the next 12 months in a way that matters to you.

  • Phi Phi Prepares to Turn 100

    It's hard to believe that in just five years, our chapter house will reach a gigantic milestone: it turns 100 years old in 2017. As we approach this historic occasion in Phi Phi's history, we must begin to preserve our house's history and legacy while preparing it for the future.

    Pete Sigmund '51 and Joe Moloznik '54 are soliciting members for a Centennial Capital Committee to modernize and endow the house for its next century, and anyone interested in serving on the committee should contact John Hawkins at 215-848-8620 or jch@pobox.com.

  • Add Your Name to the Honor Roll in 2012-13

    Click here to make your gift as we kick off our new giving year. To see a list of alumni who have already contributed, click here.

  • Why Did You Join AXP?

    Have fun as an alum! In a new initiative to increase alumni participation in our communications program, we will be asking questions each month that will hopefully prompt some funny, meaningful and creative responses.

    Get involved by answering this month's question:

    Why did you join AXP?

    Share your responses below or on the message board.

  • Thanks to All Who Came to Homecoming

    Thank you to the alumni brothers who returned to AXP for Homecoming 2012! In this picture (L to R): Wayne Levy '99, Jordan Gushurst '95, John Richards '93, Bob Warring '02 and John Hawkins '93.

    For those brothers who weren't able to attend, listen to the words of Don Dinan '71, who comes back for Homecoming just about every year: "I'd tell them that they should definitely show up because it's a great opportunity to catch up and see old faces. We always have a good time."

  • Rappaport Phi Phi Scholarship Presentation

    Byron Connell presents the Rappaport Phi Phi Scholarship to this year's recipients: Tim Schlegel and Paul Baranano.

  • Making an Impact(1)

    In an effort to increase alumni participation in our communications program, we will be asking questions each month that will hopefully prompt some funny, meaningful and creative responses.

    Get involved by answering this month's question:

    How are the values you learned in Alpha Chi Rho still making an impact in your life today?

    Share your answers below or on the message board.

  • An En"deer"ing Prank

    Holmes McLendon Jr. '49 remembers, "In the fall of 1948, Dick Chase and I installed a microphone in the deer head over the fire place mantle. It made for fun listening as the refurbished couch was in front of the fireplace! But most of all I remember the friendships made in the 'bond,' and I'm still a Crow at heart."

    What is your funniest AXP memory? Share it on the message board.

  • What is Your Favorite AXP Tradition?

    Part of Phi Phi's legacy is our enduring fraternity traditions. Share with us: What is your favorite AXP tradition?

    Share your story below or on the message board.

  • A 20 Year Old with 48 Extra Years of Experience

    We recently came across this great story in the New York Times, featuring a 68-year-old man who enrolled in college – and chose to join a fraternity – at age 65. It's a great read and a testament to the true fraternity values and the definition of brotherhood.

    Would you do it all over again, and relive your fraternity experience in today's day and age? Share your response below.

  • Undergrad Chapter Officers

    Kevin Burke '14, President, Landsdale PA, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering School

    Abishek Mishra '15, Vice President, Golden, CO, Operations Research and Information Management, Wharton

    Alex Kirk '14, Treasurer, Edmonson, OK, Finance, Wharton

    Ryan Sasson '14, House Manager, Alamo, CA, Engineering

    Paul Barañano '13, Postulant Educator, Oakland, CA, Mechanical Engineering And Applied Mechanics (MEAM), Engineering

    Evan Spiller '15, Secretary and Alumni Relations Chair, Chevy Chase, MD,, History, CAS

    Tim Schlegel '13, Philanthropy Chair,Hatfield, NJ, Economics, Wharton

    Mike Reynolds '14, Rush Chair Wharton, NJ, Finance, Wharton

    Emanuel Hermosillo '14, Social Chair, Pasadena, CA, Biological Basis of Behavior (BIBB), CAS

  • Remembering Our Heroes this May(1)

    May is just around the corner. This year, we'd like to share your thoughts, messages, and memories of those soldiers who have served their country. Maybe you want to send well-wishes to a brother who may have lost a family member in Afghanistan or Iraq? Or you simply want to share a fond memory of a long-lost brother who died in combat? Now you can.

    Share your stories by commenting below (if you're logged onto Facebook) or email us at alumninews@affinityconnection.com. We'll compile your stories and message, along with those from other brothers, and release them in a special alumni eletter in May.

    Let's properly remember those who fought to preserve our freedom. May we never forget those heroes who died serving our country, the families who loved them and whom they loved.

    Thank you!

    Share your story below or on the message board.

  • Searching for Nearly 300 Brothers

    We need your help! There are currently more than 300 Phi Phi brothers on our lost email list, including Fred Lombardo '60, Fabio Todeschini '75, Eric Howlett '84, John Henson '97 and Joshua Klein '02. This means we don't have valid email addresses on file for them to receive our eLetter and other electronic communications. Please help us to reach more alumni brothers more frequently and cost effectively by reviewing our lost email list. If you recognize any of the names on the list, simply click them to send an email to our alumni relations firm with their updated contact information. Our email database is used solely for chapter communications.

    Thank you for your help!

  • There's Strength in Numbers

    They say there's strength in numbers, so we need your help. Last year we received donations from 51 donors totaling $6,620.05, but there's still a long way to go. With over 775 active alumni those 51 contributors represent only 6.5% of our alumni brotherhood! This year, we hope to see at least 10%, or 77, of our alumni donate to the annual fund. With your help this is well within our capabilities!

    If you haven't made your gift yet this year, please assist in strengthening our chapter. Contribute online today by clicking here.

  • Phi Phi Continues to Grow

    By Evan Spiller '15

    Phi Phi began last year small, but spirited. An unusually large senior class had graduated but an unusually small one – just three strong, in fact – stood ready to make sure we recovered. The brotherhood knew the situation was precarious, so it took charge of the chapter's fate, throwing two great rushes, and nearly doubling membership.

    This year, the question was could Phi Phi continue to grow? The answer: yes. This spring, after a week of paintball, 76ers games, mixers and, yes, parties - thanks to sophomore and Rush Chair, Mike Reynolds – Phi Phi was able to add eleven new members.
    Including the four new brothers that the chapter added in the fall, Phi Phi will add fifteen new brothers this school year, five more than the outgoing senior class.

    "I'm just happy it all worked out," said junior and President Kevin Burke. "It will be great to see them contribute to the house over the next three semesters. We got a great, diverse new group of guys."

    It seems that the women of Penn think so too. Three pledges have been called out – one multiple times - on Penn Admirers, a Facebook group that allows students to anonymously air their fancies. The page has been up for one month and one week.

    Other than breaking hearts and breaking up the multiple fights between forlorn females this February 14 (nicknamed the Valentine's Day Massacre), the pledges have been busy learning house knowledge, doing brothers favors, and earning those signatures before each week's meeting.

    Upperclassmen have been busy too...finding jobs. With ironed suits – thanks to the pledges – they have been embarking on interviews, hoping to find work in law firms, banks, the entertainment industry, the tech industry and consulting. Paul Barañano has secured himself a position as a trader in Chicago. Alex Hoffman will be working as a consultant in Washington D.C. Graham White – who took the past two semesters off to work on Obama's campaign – will be temporarily giving up the bully pulpit, and attending law school.

    As for the house geeks, three brothers – Juniors Nate Fraenkel, Dan Zhang, and Ryan Sasson – participated in Penn Apps, a two-day "hackathon" where students compete to program the best application for a computer or smartphone. In just 48 hours, Fraenkel and Zhang built a program that allows for online jam sessions and Sasson created an application that helps people transfer their online Rolodex.

    For recreation, brothers have been attempting to demonstrate their athletic prowess in Greek League soccer. The team lost its first game, 2-1. Sasson, however, is confident that the team can bounce back.

    "Just wait until we have Fraenkel and Burke in the lineup" said Sasson.

    But, if the chapter's play on the pitch fails to boost its reputation, philanthropy should help. House Chaplain Tim Schlegel is organizing a blood drive, the second this year. "It's great to give back," he said.

    Overall, life at the house is busy, productive, fun, and teeming. Here's to three more great months at 219 S. 36th before summer break!

  • What Do You Miss Most about Living On Campus?

    No matter how far away you are today, you share a great experience with 744 other brothers: getting to spend four (or more!) years living on campus.

    What do you miss most about living on campus? Share your story below or email content@affinityconnection.com.

  • How a One-Time Stroll Led to a Lifetime of Love for AXP

    In the fall of 1949, Penn freshman Joe Moloznik '54 strode down South 36th Street, taking in the sights and sounds of his campus. It was rush week and he was looking for a fraternity. He'd found a couple he wouldn't mind joining, but hadn't made up his mind which might be the best fit.

  • A Party That Pays

    Ah, memories of football season. So close and sometimes so far away! How did you celebrate pre or post games? Urban Reininger III '57 recalls a tradition.

    "Every football Saturday there was a cocktail party pre-game , and another after the game with dinner for the Alumni. We made money to help with the up keep of the house. In fact the basement bathroom was a pledge project paid for by attending grads."

    Comment below to post your favorite memory or tradition! Or email content@affinityconnection.com.

  • Remembering Our Heroes this May

    May is just around the corner. This year, we'd like to share your thoughts, messages, and memories of those soldiers who have served their country. Maybe you want to send well-wishes to a brother who may have lost a family member in Afghanistan or Iraq? Or you simply want to share a fond memory of a long-lost brother who died in combat? Now you can.

    Share your stories by commenting below (if you're logged onto Facebook) or email us at alumninews@affinityconnection.com. We'll compile your stories and message, along with those from other brothers, and release them in a special alumni eletter in May.

    Let's properly remember those who fought to preserve our freedom. May we never forget those heroes who died serving our country, the families who loved them and whom they loved.

    Thank you!

    Share your story below or on the message board.

  • Chapter House Centennial Campaign Kickoff

    By Pete Sigmund

    The campaign to completely refurbish our cherished Phi Phi Chapter House for its 2017 centennial year is now entering its critical kick-off pledge/gift phase.

    Each of our nearly 800 graduate brothers will shortly receive a personal appeal letter with explanatory brochure, pledge card and return envelope, in the next few months as part of our five-year New Century Capital Campaign. We hope to raise at least $500,000 for much- needed projects as safety upgrades (including a new electrical wiring, sprinkler and alarm system), completely reconstructed bathrooms, dining room and kitchen, installing new carpets for the stairs and hallways, painting all the rooms, paying off our mortgage and creating an endowment for future needs.

    The pledge form will offer a wide range of donation options. You can, for instance, join a pledge club honoring an outstanding graduate brother. A five-year pledge of $5,000, for instance, puts you in the Paul K. Addams Club, and can be paid in monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annual installments. Or, you may opt for an outright gift like money or appreciated assets or a bequest in your will. The names of contributors will be displayed in a centennial plaque in the foyer and will also be listed in a centennial donor book.

    You may wish to donate a special gift (how about a grand piano or stained glass window?) as a class or in honor of a classmate who has entered the Chapter Eternal.

    "The House, which we own as the graduate chapter, was built in 1917 at the most convenient and desirable location on campus," said John Hawkins, president of the Phi Phi Club. "We can finally make up for the wear and tear of the years at this place which holds so many memories of so many brothers and events, from parties to initiations. We want to also make its interior as attractive as it was in the old days. This will make us more competitive in attracting new pledges who wish to live in the House."

    The Chapter House Centennial Committee which is directing the campaign is currently chaired by Pete Sigmund '51, Jordan Gushurst '95, and Suresh Swaminathan '04. The campaign has been in the planning and individual contact phase for several years.

    The House was our second home while we were undergraduates at the University. Would that we could have bottled that great fraternal spirit in the brotherhood. This is your opportunity to keep that light alive as the House enters its second century.