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Michael Reynolds is this year’s Chapter President. Get to know all about him, his journey as a Brother at Alpha Chi Rho, and what he foresees being his biggest challenge this year.


Why did you decide to join Alpha Chi Rho at Penn?

I didn’t come into college with a very good understanding of Greek Life. One of my TAs during my first semester suggested that I get involved in rush, at least for the experience, so I took his advice. I attended events at various different houses, but none of them seemed quite like home as AXP did. I felt a genuine connection with the Brothers and decided that these were men that I would be comfortable spending the rest of my college days among. Looking back, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to become a Brother at Alpha Chi Rho.

How did you become involved in the organization side of Alpha Chi Rho? What made you decide to become chapter president?

It really all began the first day of the Postulant process for me. I was elected Pledge Class President for the Spring of 2012 and it was, at this point, my first real commitment to extracurriculars at Penn. I would soon find out the being a brother of Alpha Chi Rho was much more than an extracurricular activity. After crossing over as a newly initiated brother, I was keen on ramping up my involvement in the fraternity. For my sophomore year I acted as Rush Chairman and enjoyed the responsibilities bestowed on me. However, I always had my eye on the job of President. I saw the “big job” as an opportunity to give back to the brotherhood some of the great things AXP has offered me. Now that I am in my position, I’m really excited to tackle some of the issues our house faces in the upcoming year.

What do you see as the chapter’s biggest challenge for the upcoming school year? How do you hope to help in this challenge?

Our chapter’s biggest challenge for the upcoming school year is going to be raising awareness for our civic duties as a fraternity.  Fraternities are frequently getting bad press because of a few bad apples, but I believe there are things we can do to exact the opposite effect. I’d like to create some buzz about AXP and the Greek community as a whole by increasing our dedication to giving back to the community. Whether that includes logging community service hours or raising money, I think it’s important for us to get our hearts and minds behind a cause and give it our all. As fraternity men, we are the leaders of tomorrow, and we must continue to demonstrate extraordinary philanthropy. Our Chaplain, Emanuel Hermosillo, and I are going to work closely together to see that we achieve this goal.

What are you most looking forward to as president? What are your hopes for the year?

As President, I’m most looking forward to becoming closer with my executive board and working toward improving the chapter. If I can leave my position with AXP in a better spot than it was when I took office, nothing would make me happier. This year, I hope that we can concentrate on becoming more in touch with our core values, foster a better relationship among the larger Greek community, refocus our efforts in performing the Ritual, ramp up our efforts in giving back to the community, and better the overall experience for each and every Brother.

Any big plans for fall recruitment? Or perhaps alumni-chapter events?

We plan on beginning our fall recruitment process in the coming weeks with a few meet-and-greet sessions with the brothers over some football and BBQ. We are excited to meet the potential new men of Alpha Chi Rho. We are also very excited to welcome our new house chef, Frank Miles, into the fold. Our new meal plan is gathering interest among the Brotherhood. We have discussed many times about hiring a house chef and I think it’s great that we were able to turn our words into action.

Do you have any mentors or men in the fraternity that you look up to or who have influenced you so far? If so, who?

Since day one, I’ve always really looked up to my Postulant Educator, Alex Winkler. Naturally, I feel that there was a good deal of trust among the Postulants with Alex and I think he did an exceptional job, not only in communicating the knowledge and expectations of a potential brother, but in teaching us to become men. I’ve matured a lot since I first stepped on Penn’s campus and I think I owe a good amount of that to Alex’s leadership.

One of my biggest resources at AXP, especially as I’ve been learning my way through my new position, has been our previous President and current Ritual Chair, Kevin Burke. He’s always been very supportive and continues to show his dedication to the fraternity through his senior year.

What has been the best part about being an Alpha Chi Rho brother so far?

The best part about being a Brother of Alpha Chi Rho is that you gain a “home away from home” and a second family to guide and help you through your college days, both good days and bad. Knowing that I have 40+ guys who I can talk to or rely on for help is really comforting.

What are your plans after graduation? How will you stay involved with Alpha Chi?

After graduation, I plan to pursue my CFA and get into wealth management. As many say, a Brother of AXP is a Brother for life, and I’m a firm proponent of that. I hope to stay involved in the brotherhood in any way I can. Whether that’s filling a position on the Phi Phi Club Board or getting involved on the national level, I am excited to begin giving back for the great times AXP has offered me and will continue to in the next few years.