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In 2017, our Chapter House will turn 100 years old. This century-old facility has served as the cornerstone for the AXP traditions we've all shared, and for the unique experiences we've all enjoyed.

The house gave us all so much during our undergraduate days, and continues to do so in our alumni years. It is a place where friendships were forged and where lifelong memories were made. It is where we developed valuable life skills as we grew into men. It is our forever home at Penn.


Longtime loyal donor Peter Sigmund '51 recently said, "We were fortunate to share brotherhood in the Phi Phi house and we continue this lifetime commitment by restoring this structure to the excellence befitting AXP's landmarks and ideals. Honoring the house by contributing to the Centennial Capital Campaign honors the intrinsic worth of what we have all experienced there -- all the neat things the House and its brothers gave us."

As an alumnus, you hold the key to preserving our house for our centennial and for its next 100 years. You are being called upon to help us raise the $500,000 needed to fund an extensive set of projects. A modern renovation will complement our prime campus location and improve our recruitment efforts. Additionally, and more critically, major infrastructure improvements will protect the health and safety of our undergraduate brothers and their guests, ensuring that the facility will withstand well into the future.

"We get out of it what we put into it," brothers used to say. Don't we owe it to the house – and to our chapter – to give it our all?

"This is an opportunity of putting more in than we did as undergraduates," Pete said. "Not many of us had much dough back then, and our commitment, in word and deed, should be greater now than
when we were starting out."

It is up to us to ensure AXP continues to thrive at Penn in our next 100 years. This is your opportunity to make a direct impact on our future. Do your part as we commit to giving this our all. Please make a pledge or contribution to our Centennial Capital Campaign.