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Will Doyle '12 is a lucky Phi Phi brother who benefitted from the Rappaport Scholarship not once but twice! He was awarded the scholarship as a junior in the fall of 2010, then again as a senior the following year. The scholarship afforded him some financial stability as he pursued his dual studies in Finance, Operations and Information Management, and Healthcare Management and Policy. We thank Will for sharing with us how the scholarship further impacted his college experience.


In what ways has the AXP experience shaped you into the man you are today?
My AXP experience has taught me the value of both leadership and true friendship. While I was privileged enough to be trusted to lead the undergraduate chapter as its president, there were so many brothers who were able to also lead me and teach me valuable life lessons throughout my time at Penn.

How did the Rappaport Scholarship directly make an impact on your college experience?
The scholarship was great because I was able to worry less about my personal expenses, and also give a little bit more to the house. During my senior year, I used some of the scholarship money to give back to the house when the TV broke. I was able to contribute toward the purchase of a new television for the living room when ours broke.

How does it make you feel to be awarded a scholarship from within your own fraternity chapter?
It makes me feel proud and supported. It's great to have the alumni involvement not only in helping out the undergraduate chapter as a whole, but on an individual level as well.

Why would you encourage alumni to support Phi Phi's fundraising efforts, specifically to ensure that this scholarship continues to be awarded to worthy brothers?
I would encourage it because all other scholarships have the chance of being awarded to students outside of our chapter. This isn't to say that brothers from other chapters are not deserving, but the Rappaport Scholarship is strictly for Phi Phi brothers. I know plenty of Phi Phi undergraduates who have struggled financially and the scholarship is very helpful to ease financial concerns and to award hard work.

In what ways have you remained involved with AXP since you graduated?
While I sadly could not make it to Homecoming this year, I was in attendance last year and I remain committed to giving my ideas and thoughts to the Graduate Executive board when my feedback is solicited. In addition, I am now a member of the scholarship committee, which is in charge of determining the recipient(s) of the award annually. I meet up regularly with AXP alumni in the NYC area. I also have made a five-year pledge to the Phi Phi Centennial campaign and encourage every brother reading this to do the same!

What have you been doing since graduation?
I currently live in NYC and work in financial services. No family – I'm living the bachelor life.

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