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As we work to preserve our home at Penn for the next 100 years through the Centennial Campaign, it is more important than ever that we, as alumni, join forces to maintain the true legacy of the Greek experience.

This blog post is a great testament to the lifelong experience of being Greek, and hopefully a good reminder to you to honor your commitment to and renew your participation with AXP in your alumni years.

An excerpt from the blog reads "Being Greek means being a part of something far bigger than yourself. Not only are you part of a community, but you're also part of a history and a tradition. From the moment you're initiated until the day you die you're expected to honor your founders, breathe your values, and live your creed. While it takes someone special to receive a bid, it takes someone even more special to become an official member of one of our organizations. Being Greek is both a responsibility and a privilege."

We hope you agree, and honor the responsibility you bear to support our efforts to preserve our home at Penn. Take a few moments to read the blog, then come back to share your thoughts in the comments section.