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Meet Brody, Phi Phi's newest addition. The chapter rescued Brody earlier this summer, thanks to a family friend of House Manager Eric Murray. Before Brody came to Phi Phi, he was living in a trash dump in Florida with a huge scab on his ear. He made his way to Philly, where he has been welcomed in and cared for by AXP brothers. The chapter reports that his ear has healed, that he's become accustomed to his new surroundings, and causes no trouble in the house (although he does love to give the puppy eyes when brothers have food). We also hear that he's a hit with the ladies!

Brothers are always ready to walk him, play with him, and give him treats, so he's definitely enjoying life at AXP. The chapter has a fund set up to cover any future vet or emergency bills. If you would like to add to that fund in honor of our newest house dog, please contact Eric Murray at