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Daniel G. D'Imperio '53
(4001 Broadway, Allentown, PA 18104-5256; dimperiod@verizon.net) My license plate AXP53UP is still in use after many years. On Sat, November 1, we had a get together of Phi Phis from the classes 1951-56. In attendance were Brothers Moloznik, Grohol, Norcross, Sigmund, D’Imperio, Bater, Ford and their wives.

Robert Grohol '54
(263 Woodland Rd., Madison, NJ, 07940; rmgrohol@aol.com) Following graduation, I enjoyed a satisfying 41-year management career with Beneficial Corporation and retired at the end of 1994. My wife, Bernadette (aka Bernie), and I will be celebrating our 60th wedding anniversary next June. So far our partnership has yielded four grown sons, three daughters in law, seven grandchildren and one great grandson. Since retiring Bernie and I have remained physically active and have been able to travel extensively. With our proximity to NYC, we also enjoy theater, music, and everything else the city has to offer. We purchased a lake home in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia shortly after retiring and it has been a magnet for our family where they can play with all of the usual water "toys". Importantly, we also gather in Philadelphia biannually with many of our Crow brothers and spouses, taking in football, visits to the house, and an evening of great food, libations, and fine fellowship. I’m always looking forward to our next reunion.