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Undergraduate brother George Li was recently recognized by Alpha Chi Rho for his academic excellence, through his receipt of the Paul K. Addams Scholarship. In this Q&A, George explains why he feels he was selected among all AXP members nationwide, how the scholarship will help him during his academic career, and what life looks like after graduation from Penn.

Why did you join AXP?
I was interested in meeting some new people Freshman year and I really clicked with the brothers I met from AXP during rush.

What is your best fraternity memory to date?
My best fraternity memory to date is last spring's formal. I had a great time both at my pledge class dinner prior to the formal and at the formal itself which was held at the Camden Aquarium.

Tell us a bit more about the Addams Scholarship (criteria for winning, amount, etc.).
The Paul K. Addams Scholarship is a scholarship for $4000 that takes into account a candidate's academics, extracurricular activities, and work experience. It also requires a brief essay on a subject of the candidate's choice and a reference letter.

In your opinion, why were you selected to receive the award among all national applicants?
I think my fairly strong academic performance may have helped me stand out from other national applicants, along with what I believe was a positive reference letter from a professor whom I also consider a close mentor.

How will the scholarship help you in your remaining college career?
Aside from dues, I've always wanted to give back to the fraternity monetarily and this scholarship has allowed me to do that. The scholarship will also help my family save money on my living expenses.

Why would you encourage other brothers to apply for this or other AXP scholarships?
I think that this scholarship and all other AXP scholarships are a unique opportunity for brothers to get recognized for their hard work and also provide recognition for the chapter they represent.

How has alumni involvement with the chapter made an impact on your AXP experience?
I think that alumni involvement with the Phi Phi Chapter has been critical in my AXP experience. From getting alumni assistance during our chapter house's basement flood, to gaining an understanding of fraternity affairs during Graduate Board meetings, to hearing about different alums’ fraternity experiences during Homecoming, AXP alumni have impacted my AXP experience in a multitude of ways.

How do you plan to stay connected with the chapter after graduation?
Aside from staying in touch with all the brothers I have met during my four years at Penn, I plan to continue to attend AXP events such as Homecoming and Alumni day, along with giving back to the chapter in any way possible. 

Why would you encourage more alumni to financially support AXP to make continued scholarship programs possible?
First, I think that AXP scholarship programs are a great way to draw in new brothers who want to see a fraternity as being able to provide a diverse array of opportunities. Second, I think that these scholarship programs also help to forge a connection between brothers and the national organization.

What is it like to be active in Phi Phi during the period of major fundraising and major renovations to the house to preserve it for the next 100 years?
It is a very exciting time to be active in the Phi Phi chapter because we are able to see the tremendous impact that a little generosity can do to improve the house and we can't wait to be able to hopefully come back in a few years and see the house better than ever before.

What are your plans for after graduation?
I plan to work at Anheuser-Busch InBev as a Global Management Trainee.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I am very honored to be chosen for the scholarship and I think that our chapter has a very long and bright future ahead of it.

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