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As alumni of Alpha Chi Rho, we have been groomed, and are better suited, to take on the world’s challenges and opportunities head-on because of the life lessons we’ve learned as brothers.  

Many of the men coming into our fraternity are facing the same challenges we faced as undergrads. They also have many new challenges that face them: tuition has spiked and leaves more students in bigger debt after graduation, students face a higher unemployment rate of those who may not have gone to college at all, and the environment around them has become more taxing to navigate. It also goes without saying fraternities are not being portrayed in a positive light in mainstream media today.

So how can we overcome these challenges as a brotherhood and continue to make better men?

What were some of the experiences that influenced you over your time at AXP? What were some of the influences that made you a proud product of AXP?

If we can say that we came out better men than what we came in, then it is our obligation to the fraternity to make these new men into the best men they could be.

Share your stories, become a mentor, volunteer, give to the annual fund, do what you can to make the modern man into a modern gentleman. This is not a plea, but a mobilization of us, extraordinary gentlemen that can not only predict the future, but can change it.

What kind of legacy are we leaving?

Let’s leave our campsite better than how we found it and create the future we want to see today.