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Just over one year ago our capital campaign began with a bang.  Unfortunately, that was the sound of a sprinkler pipe bursting and it led to a massive and unexpected flood in the basement. However, there is always a bright side.

Due to the subsequent cleanup and renovation, we have a new 1st floor bathroom, a renovated coat room, a new furnace and hot water heater, upgraded basement wiring and essentially a new basement at AXP.  Thanks to the hard work and quick support of undergraduates, alumni volunteers, and donors the basement issues are behind us and we are moving forward. We have currently have pledges and cash receipts of $90,515 – almost a fifth of our goal!

You will be receiving a letter in the mail shortly asking for your help in getting us closer to this goal.  

Nearing 100 years old, the chapter house is showing age-related signs of wear and tear (and if you were 100, you would probably feel like you need a face lift, too). Major renovations are vital to keep the house competitive with other campus fraternities. A nicer, up-to-date house will keep ensure that Phi Phi has a solid, attractive facility to recruit a strong caliber and smarter caliber of young men who will enjoy the lasting benefits AXP offers while also preserving our home at Penn for the next century.

The Centennial Campaign will help us complete the next set of improvements on our project list, which include:

  • Replace the wiring in the rest of the house with modern wires, outlets, and a new electrical panel and breakers.
  • Gut and renovate all the upstairs bedrooms to replace drop ceilings, upgrade wiring and smoke detectors, and increase the number of bedrooms from 12 to 14. This should increase the number of undergraduates living in the house each year, providing a variety of benefits to the fraternity.
  • Renovate the upstairs bathrooms.
  • Revamp the backyard to make it best in its class including a new fire pit and natural gas grill.
  • Restore the front door and surrounding woodwork.
  • Restore the house and front yard brickwork along with the concrete steps into the house.
  • Pressure-wash the house.
  • Rebuild / Restore the Dining Room radiator covers.
  • Replace broken Moose Room light fixtures.
  • Restore the other non-basement composites in need of maintenance (Note: the restoration of 12 basement composites was covered by insurance proceeds because of mold remediation).
  • Purchase new dining room furniture and benches/chairs.
  • Replace and upgrade the furniture and mattresses in the rooms.
  • Kitchen cabinet repairs and improvements
  • Consider replacing window air conditioners with a central / room controlled option. Depending on cost this could be a significant energy savings for us as the house is normally rented in full each summer.

Thanks to the support of those brothers who have pledged to our campaign.

We have already completed a large number of improvements, and we’re hungry to do more for the rest of the house, which is why we need you! So when you get that letter, please make a pledge to the campaign and give back to the house that provided us the once-in-a-lifetime experience and perpetuate that for the future generations of deserving brothers.