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219 S. 36th St. is so much more than just a house. That’s why your commitment to the Centennial Capital Campaign supports much more than the bricks & mortar that make up its physical structure. More, it supports the century of friendships, memories, and character-building life skills that were formed and developed there, and help ensure that Phi Phi will make the same impact on future generations of brothers.

With your help, we can ensure that 219 S. 36th St. continues to stand as our forever home at Penn. Our goal is to raise $500,000 to completely renovate the chapter house, to complement and secure our prime campus location, to protect the health and safety of our undergraduate brothers, and to keep AXP competitive with neighboring fraternity houses that boast newer and nicer facilities.

Your commitment today will help us to complete the next set of items on our project list, including:

  • Purchasing new dining room furniture (tables and benches)
  • Purchasing and installing new letters for the back of the house that faces college green, simliar to the ones recently installed on the front of the house
  • Completing a variety of electrical upgrades over the summer
  • Getting bids and scoping out work that can be done in manageable chunks for various areas of the house now that we have received insurance proceeds

Click here to learn more about the campaign and to make your pledge commitment.