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For Allen Staib '55, his membership in Alpha Chi Rho is a family affair. His father Art ('20) and brother Art Jr. ('51), who passed away in November 2014, were also both Phi Phi brothers.

The Staib family has left quite a legacy at 219 South 36th Street. The moose head over the fireplace hangs in honor of the family, after being purchased by Art Sr. when the original went missing.

“When we visited the fraternity house as kids and later pledged, the moose head over the fireplace was very impressive and memorable,” recalls Allen. “It was part of the décor for many years prior to Dad joining the fraternity. 

“When he found out it was missing, he decided to replace it because it was an important part of the fraternity and his and our memories there. When my son and later my grandson were looking at colleges, I naturally brought them to Penn and the fraternity house. The new moose greeted us with our family plaque on it,” he added.

Being the youngest Phi Phi member in the family, Allen followed in the footsteps of his father and his older brother largely because of the friendships he'd seen them make. Coincidentally, the father of one of Art Jr.’s closest Phi Phi friends, Pete Sigmund ’51, was an active Phi Phi brother in the 1910s and good friends with Art Sr. How’s that for a strong family connection?

"When I told him that Art Staib was one of my fellow pledges in 1947, my father, Paul Sigmund (Phi Phi '16) exclaimed 'That's great! His father was a brother when I was in the house and was really a fine person.',” said Pete. “Art Staib Sr. '20 may have said the same thing about my dad when Art mentioned me on one of his trips home to Manhasset, Long Island. At any rate, Art and I, as fellow legacies, always shared that bond; a special brotherhood. We didn't talk about it much, but it was always there."

Dan D'Imperio '53 also has fond memories of Art Jr.

"Art was two years ahead of me, but we kept in touch over the years," said Dan. "When another brother, Joseph Devlin, passed away, Art came and stayed at my home and we both attended the funeral."

"Art's brother Allen and I keep in touch through another AXP brother, Vora Kunjara, who lives in Bangkok," he added. "That is the great thing about AXP. Brothers are forever. The friends I have made in our fraternity have endured for me, all these 65 years. Other than family, these are the longest and best friends I have, even today."

Art Staib Jr. will forever be remembered at Phi Phi for his legacy--that formed by his family and the one they left in the form of a moose head.

"Art was outgoing, articulate, friendly, and stated his views in an interesting way (with a touch of a New York accent)," said Pete. "I wasn't assertive, but really enjoyed listening, and often laughing, during our lunches and dinners at the house, where he added spirit, class, and confidence. We had one of our best conversations when I slept over in a top bunk as part of my pledge duties, which included waking up the other brothers at stated times the next morning."

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Photo caption: (L to R) Art Staib Jr. '51, Art Staib ’20, and Allen Staib ’55, father, sons, and all Phi Phis.