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The Class of 1983 (give or take a few) honors the memory of Eric Vandercar at this year’s reunion. Pictured (L to R): Chuck Reback, Jim Zorn, Joe Havlick, Joe Kotrich, Ron Lewittes, Perry Rotella, Taizoon Doctor, Bill Latour, Mark Coogan, Marty Isaac, Brian Keller, Dan Levin, Dan Stone, Jeff Rubin, Vinnie Keenan, and Barry Scott. Photo credit: Chuck Reback.

Thank you to Mark Coogan ’83 for sharing this story…

As you probably know, in February we lost one of our own. Eric Vandercar ’83 was involved in the horrific Metro-North rail tragedy. Aside from his day job as a muni bond analyst, Eric was what is known as a “taper”—helping indie bands to get their music recorded and distributed. He was a leader in that narrow niche and helped many bands and many younger tapers to get started.

In the weeks after his death many of the bands and venues Eric had touched and worked with honored his memory by, among other things, putting “4EV” in the lower right corner of their marquees or on their web sites. We all thought that was a very cool way to remember him.

This past summer, as we have since 1980, a gang of my Phi Phi brothers from the Class of 1983 (mostly ‘83, two are in later classes, two earlier), gathered once again for a long weekend at my cabin (back in the 1980s, it was my parent’s cabin) in Becket, Mass. Attendance at this year’s event, Becket XXXVII, was likely boosted by Eric’s passing to be our biggest event ever—16 of us made it!

Thanks to my clever and creative wife, we had a marque of our own to honor Eric’s memory, with “4EV” in the lower right corner. We hung the banner/marquee on the cabin and put lights around it. This picture shows 16 Phi Phi brothers gathered at the cabin under our own marquee.