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We recently caught up with Tavis Cannell, a successful alumnus who generously supported the Centennial Capital Campaign. Cannell joined Goldman Sachs in 2005. He is a partner in the European Special Situations Group (ESSG), and focuses on evaluating and executing new investment opportunities.

Below, he shares why he supported the campaign and what the fraternity means to him.

Q: What inspired you to donate to the campaign?

A: “I have a lot of great memories from Penn – most of them forged at the house and/or with fraternity brothers from AXP. I wanted to give back to the fraternity in its time of need, and hope that others can contribute and do the same.”

Q: What is the most valuable thing you gained from your fraternity experience?

A: “Friendships.  I’m close friends with a number of fraternity brothers from our time together at Alpha Chi Rho – here in London and back in the US.”

To share why you’ve supported the campaign or what being a part of the fraternity means to you, EMAIL OUR EDITOR.