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Despite the strong bond of brotherhood, there are some unavoidable incidents that pull us apart over the years. The most common is simply losing touch due to frequent moves, new phone numbers, and new email addresses. Sadly, 16% of our alumni are not receiving our printed communications and 30% are not receiving this very email you’re reading. 

As we prepare to move into the fall semester in a few short months, there is sure to be plenty of news, including new members, newly elected officers, active chapter updates, alumni chapter financial updates, upcoming events and more! Be sure that your information, as well as your brothers’ is up-to-date and be among the first to receive these updates!

Take a minute to look over the LOST MAILING LIST and LOST E-MAIL LIST to see which of your brothers are missing. If you know their updated contact information, you can submit it by clicking on their name and providing the correct information.

Without this valuable information, we can’t reach you and neither can your brothers.

We invite you to update your information today, so you can:

1. have your information added to the directory on our website, so that your brothers can contact you
2. stay in loop about upcoming events, like the alumni reunion weekend events last month
3. receive newsletters and email-newsletters with information about the active chapter, alumni news, and ways you can get involved