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Submit Your Best Memories and Photos

The alumni association is collecting the best memories, stories, and photos from throughout all the decades of our history in honor of our Chapter House’s centennial. We need your help to document the rich history of our chapter and all the memories made at 219 S. 36th St.

We’ll be publishing the best items that we’ve collected over the years.

We recently found a treasure trove of thoughts from our alumni about the most valuable things they gained or learned thanks to Phi Phi Chapter:

“The fraternity was important to me as a support mechanism, to have connections with people,” he says. “I have memories of hanging out in the house, eating dinner there and feeling comfortable without having to work at it.”
-Scott Kiesling ’89, shared in 2005

 “Alpha Chi Rho offers a good feeling of camaraderie. This is made no more evident than by the group of friends who gather for homecoming almost every year at my house. We’ve taken trips together, and we get together at each other’s homes,” Joe says. “We tell the same jokes we told 32 years ago, and we laugh just as much as we ever did. We have substantial differences of opinion on some subjects, but our friendship and our enjoyment of each other keeps us close.”
-Joe Moloznik ’54 (referring to Dan D’Imperio ’53, Bob Grohol ’54, John Norcross ’54, Hank Inman ’54, and a few others), shared in 2006

“The development of working with a group of people, dealing with different personalities, leadership…you take them with you. Learning all of these things at a younger age really helped me throughout the rest of my career.”
-Rob Rosenbaum ’90, shared in 2009

“I was secretary one year, sergeant at arms another year, and I was on the Greek Judicial Board of the Interfraternity Council. Those were good experiences, learning to keep things in order with a group of people who are chaotic to begin with. It’s where I learned that leading my peers could be the most difficult group to lead.”
-Carl Forsling ’95, shared in 2003

What are your best memories and stories from your Alpha Chi Rho experience? Share them in the Alumni Updates section or email