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His New Business Venture Will Revolutionize Court Appearances

Brother Morris Massel ’94 was prepared for a great career thanks to his days at Penn and leadership opportunities provided by Alpha Chi Rho. Below, he shares how Phi Phi Club has influenced his life, as well as an update about his newest business venture.

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Q: Why did you join AXP?

A: The reason I joined the fraternity was rather simple—I enjoyed spending time with the guys. The guys in my class and the senior (and then later junior) members of the house were each interesting individuals, who came from different backgrounds than my own. Yet, as different and diverse as we were, we all experienced our college years together, sharing the fun, the hardships and some ups and downs. I still remember fondly many late night conversations with other brothers and some of the fun we had. Those stories never die.

Q: Are you still in touch with some brothers? What does it mean to have them in your life?

A: Many of the guys were extremely bright and hardworking. Needless to say, they have gone onto interesting and successful careers, whether in government, law, business or medicine. Over the years, I’ve stayed in touch with a number of the guys. Social media has made staying up on each other’s lives very easy. What’s noteworthy is that during post-college high and low moments, other brothers still are highly supportive. I continue to feel lucky to count them as my friends.

Q: How has your membership in AXP influenced your life and career?

A: During my college years, AXP gave me the opportunity to grow as a leader. When I was a sophomore, Mike Alfano (’93) and John Hawkins (’93), both one year ahead of me, decided that our house needed to take a leadership role in the IFC. I was chosen to be one of the brothers to seek out opportunities. With their guidance and support, I was fortunate to become a VP and then the President of the Interfraternity Council from my sophomore through senior years. In those capacities, I developed negotiation, consensus building and leadership skills. Today I’m still in touch with many of the people I worked with in the IFC.

About His New Business Venture, CourtSolutions

After seventeen years of practicing law at two of the world’s premier law firms, I’m following my passion and dream: using technology creatively to improve the practice of law. The proposition? When lawyers need to go to court, they can appea