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What’s Your Favorite Souvenir from Your Undergrad Days?

As it turns out, several alumni are still using their AXP mugs and scotch glasses. Ken St. Hill ’99 recently posted a photo of his glass on Phi Phi’s Facebook page.

“Don't post much,” he wrote, “but came across this at my parents’ house and had to do two things: first fill it with scotch, second share here.”

His post prompted quite a few responses, including this comical one from Bill Hill ’98:

“I use mine for my protein shake at work,” he wrote. “My mug had much more fun 20 years ago.”

Times certainly have changed in our alumni years, but it’s good to know that some AXP memorabilia still has a place in many of our lives.

What AXP memorabilia do you still use today or have packed away for safe-keeping? Share a photo or comment below, or join the conversation on Facebook.