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Will You Help Preserve It?

There’s so much history at 219 South 36th Street—and a lot to love about it. We recently asked alumni to share their favorite things about the chapter house and why it’s worth preserving.

Here are just a few of the many reasons it’s so important to preserve our house.

I was a commuter during my freshman year so I was drawn to the house based upon friends I met during the freshmen camp. Brian Heisler ’65 was my Big Brother and later, my best man when I was married to my wife, Mary, in 1972. Bob White ’66 was also a huge influence during the time he was in the service and I was in law school. Bob married Benedicte Caupin, and over the years we visited them in NYC, Jamaica, and then in France where we met Benedicte's family. My wife is Bob's son (James) Godmother, and we recently had dinner last month when Bob was in town for a family wedding. This summer, we will travel to France where Bob's daughter, Ann France, will be married. In short, the friendships I made at 219 have lasted a lifetime and greatly enhanced my life.
- Bill English ’68

The location was great, at least in 1949 into the early 1950s. First, we were across the street from Smokey Joe's. When Philadelphia decided to excavate 36th Street for a new trolley route, we had no way to cross over to Smokey Joe's. So we stretched a wash line across 36th Street from our 3rd floor window to Smoke’s. We would call Smoke's and order a pitcher of beer. Then we put money in the pitcher and Smoke's would fill it with beer, and we would pull it across the street. The other great place, was Landy's Deli. It was next door to AXP, in the basement. They had cheese sandwiches for 25 cents that came in handy… We had the BEST fraternity on campus. The friends I made then, are still the BEST of my life, after 64 years. I will NEVER forget.
- Daniel D'Imperio ’53

I was a member of the Phi Alpha Chapter at Lafayette College and attended Wharton graduate school at Penn. The members were very welcoming and allowed me to hang out between classes when I had gaps in my schedule. The house dog, Mister E, accepted me, as well. One Brother, Mr. Voris, shared my 3-bedroom apartment which helped me with the rent. I also helped out the Chapter by repairing the Moose head when one antler was broken off.
- Don Ehre ’77

My fondest memories of 219 S. 36th St. include the fellowship and comradery of my brethren, lunches, dinners, whales tails, card games, and communal TV watching. It was my campus home for four years.
- Thomas A. Morris ’73

Help Preserve our House
If you haven’t made your gift to the Centennial Capital Campaign, now’s the time to honor your AXP experience. Make a pledge online today.

Tell Us What You Love about Our House
In honor of the centennial celebration for our chapter house, we want to celebrate what makes the house so special. What did you love most about the house as an undergrad (the location, the view, etc.)? What sets it apart from other houses on campus? What unforgettable memories did you make there? Most of all, could you imagine if you’d spent your college years anywhere else? Let us know in the comments below!