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Empowering Individuals to Achieve New Levels of Success

Eduardo (left) with some Phi Phi brothers

Since he graduated, Eduardo Briceño ’98 has spent most of his time working alongside teachers, administrators, and other professionals who’ve sought him out for the way he thinks and the unique knowledge he possesses.

These educators and other professionals are looking to learn more about themselves. They want to harness new, innovative ways of thinking and pass them along to their students and colleagues to further develop young minds and foster improvement-oriented cultures.

That’s where Eduardo and his company, Mindset Works, comes in.

“Our mission is to help enable a more learning-oriented world,” Eduardo says of the company, a global leader in mindset training for teachers and students. “We provide training and resources to foster a growth mindset and effective learning strategies and habits.”

Teaching and promoting a growth mindset—described in one of Eduardo’s two TED Talks as the understanding that one can always improve by seeking out and acquiring additional skills and abilities—has been fulfilling for Eduardo.

He credits the Phi Phi Club and his brothers for some of his “formative” growth.

“(My involvement in Phi Phi Chapter) helped me develop into the person I am today, and it continues to help me develop through my relationships with fellow Phi Phi alumni,” Eduardo said. “We tap each other for ideas and feedback on things we’re working on or thinking about, and that helps me learn and continue to improve what I do.”

Eduardo’s own growth mindset kicked in when he was asked to give his first TEDx Talk. He insists he was introverted and was never much for public speaking, but alas, it was a new skill he was willing to acquire to communicate a message that he deemed important.

“When we realize that we can change our own abilities, when we have a growth mindset, we bring our game to new levels,” he says.

This is what Eduardo, and his company Mindset Works, is cultivating at the K-12 level and in the business world—a society inspired to learn, where the power of mindset can help narrow the achievement gap and equalize the playing field for all students and adults of all backgrounds.

As teachers and leaders recognize they too have room for improvement and strive to make changes to be better, students and employees will also be motivated to take charge of their own learning by wanting to do the same.

“It feels fulfilling to share ideas and strategies that people find helpful in their personal and professional lives,” Eduardo says. “It also feels fulfilling to create videos that are the result of lots of hours of hard work (including soliciting and processing feedback from fellow Phi Phi brothers), revising the script, and practicing. When the end product works, it gives me further confidence that when I’m deliberate about improvement, improvement happens.”

Eduardo has stayed in touch with many brothers, and connecting with them on media platforms and in person enables him not only to have fun, remember good times, and create new memories, but also to put the growth mindset to work.

He runs a lot of ideas through his friends and considers their input when he’s crafting Mindset Works’ vision and strategies in a dynamic industry.

“We can work to become the people we want to be, and we can always improve,” Eduardo says. “When I read my partner Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset, I realized I had self-sabotaged in some areas of my life by thinking of abilities as fixed, like for example in social skills, or athleticism. Since then I’ve gotten a lot better in these areas as a result of cultivating a growth mindset in myself. It has been empowering and led to better relationships and higher confidence. Hence I’m passionate about helping others come to this realization and learn strategies to develop abilities so that they also can feel the empowerment and fulfillment that comes from growth.”

Hopefully, Eduardo’s work can serve as inspiration to those around him, including fellow Phi Phi brothers.

“I’m grateful for the friendships I made at Phi Phi Chapter, some of which remain my closest friends—and others whom I pick up where I left off when I get a chance to see them,” he says. “The Phi Phi alumni are kind people who make the world a better place, and I’m honored to be among them.”

He has many fond memories of his time in the undergraduate chapter.

“The many food runs to Wawa come to mind,” he says, “as do the many pool and volleyball games in the house, and all the people in those stories, including the legendary Bill Hill.”

Want to learn more about Eduardo’s work? Visit or watch his two TED Talks, which can be found on YouTube or You can reach Eduardo at ebriceno at