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As another year comes to a close, the undergrads are preparing for the upcoming fall semester. They recently elected the new officers who will carry on our legacy at Penn.

Meet our new officers!

Luis Hernandez Magro ’19
Luis is a student from Mexico City. He is double majoring in Economics and Psychology. He is interested in the intersection between these two subjects. He is also involved in Club Squash and Habitat for Humanity. He previously served as Secretary.

Vice President
Nick Spuzzillo ’19
Nick, a student from Cincinnati, is majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. He looks forward to working as a political advisor/consultant. He is also involved in Climbing Club and the West Philadelphia Tutoring Program. He previously served as House Manager.

David Katzman ’19
Luis is a Finance major from Washington D.C. He is also involved in Club Squash and the Student Federal Credit Union.

Ritual Chair
Andrew Valdez ’18
Andrew comes from Oklahoma and is studying Biological Basis of Behavior Class of 2018. He is looking forward to attending Medical School. He is also involved in the Abramson Cancer Center and the Penn Judicial Inquiry Board. He previously served as President and Risk Manager. 

Justin Burdge ’19
Justin is from Philadelphia. He is majoring in Biological Basis of Behavior and looks forward to attending Medical School. He previously served as Risk Manager.

Risk Manager
Marcelo Gracia ’20
Marcelo, a student from Houston, is majoring in Environmental Sciences.

Postulant Educators
Michael Ramdatt ’20
Michael is a student from Orlando. He is majoring in Systems, Science, and Engineering. He previously served as Vice President and House Manager.

John Fischer ’18
John is majoring in Electrical Engineering and is also involved in Club Squash.