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Some Thoughts On Why We Still Give

Phi Phi thanks all of the Brothers who have given to our organization all-time, as well as this year. Have you ever asked yourself why you give? Is it part of your charitable routine? Do you believe in affording the next generation of young men with the same experience you had with Phi Phi Club? Whatever the case, we thank you. Here are some reasons we collected from past surveys of other Alpha Chi Rho members about why they have and continue to give back to our organization:

"Ours is one of the last, maybe the very last, independently-owned fraternity houses at Penn.  As an undergraduate, maintaining our independence was important to me and today, as an alumnus, it remains important to me.  Without alumni support through the annual fund, Phi Phi's continued independence would be in peril. To lose that would be to lose something precious.  We owe it to current and future undergraduate brothers to give what we can to maintain the unique Phi Phi experience at Penn."

'I greatly benefited from the personal, social, and brotherly contacts which AXP provided me, both at Penn and since then. It has played a significant part in my entire life and growth."

"Phi Phi was my home at Penn. How can you not support your home? I hope all who followed me have found that same sense of being part of a unique experience in your life. One that made Penn a better place to be. My money goes to that which has meant the most to me."

"Because I'm a Brother! That relationship didn't end when I graduated!"

So what are YOUR reasons? Let us know here.