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Restaurant Party

Phi Phi capped off a weekend of events in celebration of 100 years of the Chapter House with a festive gala celebration.  Planned from the start to be memorable, the gala exceeded all expectations.  Here are some highlights:

Special venue: The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College provided a unique setting.  Formerly a private mansion, the building includes multiple dining rooms, kitchens, and a covered courtyard, all decorated. It was truly memorable!

Special attendance: Over 150 Brothers, dates, and friends attended the celebration from 17 States (plus DC), with some traveling from California, Texas, Oregon, and Washington.  Six of the Old Guard – Brothers who graduated in the 1950’s – sang for us!

Special activities: attendees had opportunities to learn about making cocktails, tasting wine, constructing dumplings, and crafting barbecue as they roamed the Restaurant School’s facilities. This was a restaurant party after all!

Special gifts: The House will soon have a new composite… portraits of the 87 Brothers (grad and undergrad) who attended. In addition, we signed a tablecloth to hang in the House alongside the one we signed at the 100th Neophyte Banquet in 1996 (commemorating the napkin signed by the Founders at the first Neophyte Banquet).

Special for the House: The weekend helped raise money for House renovations, and awareness of how important those donations are.  Of special note, 40 tickets were purchased that included an extra donation for the House, and several thousand dollars were raised through registration.

If you were there, thank you for coming!  If you missed this gala, stay tuned for the 125th Neophyte Banquet in 2021!

And special thanks to the Planning Committee for all of their hard work to make it happen!

Jeff Adler ‘84

Dan Greenberg ‘86, Chair

Charles Gress ‘14

Greg Landry ‘90

Wayne Levy ‘99

Mike Ramdatt ‘18

Pete Sigmund ‘51

Suresh Swaminathan ‘04