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The Alpha Chi Rhoad Show hosted by Brother Jay Anhorn kicked off on Wednesday, May 6. Episode 1: A Bird’s Eye View of the Health Pandemic and How it Will Change Us featured Fred Sanfilippo, MD, PhD, a 1970 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Phi PhiHe is now the director at Emory-Georgia Tech Healthcare Innovation Program and medical director of The Marcus Foundation. He is also a devoted alumni Brother and an AXPEF Lifetime Giving Society Member.  

In the one hour episode, Brother Sanfilippo updated Zoom participants with current COVID-19 information, including dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Using other pandemics to compare and contrast, he provided suggestions on how to best deal with the current situation, as well as how it will likely resolve. Lastly, he discussed the future impact on healthcare delivery considering patient, provider and public health perspectives.  

Those who were able to view the episode live also had the opportunity to ask questions and interact with each other and the speaker. Questions included topics such as: Do you anticipate a resurgence of COVID-19 next winter? How long does the virus persist in public spaces? Any special considerations for when you have to go out, e.g. grocery shopping?  

For those who were unable to join for episode 1, it can be viewed at 

Episode 2: Cheers! No Beer? The Impact of COVID-19 on a $110B Industry was recorded on May 12 featuring John DeRenzi (Phi Nu Chi), West Chester 1991 and the vice president of Penn Beer Sales & ServicesThe episode covered the detrimental effects on the $110B beer industry as seen by a veteran in “America’s Industry”, Brother DeRenzi. 

Brother DeRenzi explained his role at Penn Beer and shared what is happening on the front lines of sales and distribution.  And the effect of social distancing, which may result in 30% of bars and taverns in Philadelphia closing their doors forever.  Participants were able to engage in a healthy discussion of how social distancing is affecting one of America’s favorite past times, and were again able to interact with questions covering topics from the impact on craft breweries to alternative sales methods and keg business.  

If you missed episode 2, visit And while you’re there, don’t miss the opportunity to reach out to the Brothers you hope to grab a beer with by using the site directory!