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For many of us, Alpha Chi Rho was an important part of our Penn experience. Whatever your key takeaways from your time at Penn, I think we can all agree on this: Alpha Chi Rho’s impact extends far beyond our brief time at the chapter house.

Here are 5 reasons Alpha Chi Rho still matters after you graduate, according to your fellow Alumni Brothers:

"It's a beautiful place to bond with brothers from all walks of life and all ethnic and religious backgrounds. I talk to many brothers via Facebook, social media and even see some regularly." - Charles Margosian '98

" Connecting or reconnecting with classmates and helping support the undergraduate chapter. I am in touch with many from the classes of 83-86." - Chuck Reback '83

"At full potential, the Phi Phi Club is an organization that uses the resources of our members to (1) draw together our graduate Brothers wherever they are in the world for continued Brotherhood, (2) maintain and improve the physical facilities of our House, and (3) in cooperation with the University, the National Fraternity, and other Philadelphia-area chapters assist the undergraduates to grow academically, ethically, and as Brothers." - Byron Connell '63

"Life Changes all the time; “it is always something.” The technology of 2020 makes staying together much easier than it would have in the past with a similar situation. My advice; Find the good in what is happening in the world today. Have our younger “Brothers” become leaders and take charge to make the world better." - Steve Seide '76

"I maintain contact every day with Ray Bowman, my best friend in college and occasional contact with Jon Smartt." - David Eisenberg '67

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