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Hey, guys. It’s been a heck of a year, but it’s not over yet. Are you ready for your 2020 holiday challenge? You know the drill by now, so I’ll get right to it. Without all of us, Phi Phi of Alpha Chi Rho does not exist. 2020 is coming to an end and we need to make this year our strongest one yet. I need YOU to step up to the challenge.

Why should you give? First of all, because we lost undergraduate housing revenue thanks to COVID. Now that we can’t rely on that critical income source, alumni support is even more essential. We also need to step up to protect the chapter house. We all know firsthand what fraternity-style wear-and-tear does to a place, and we want Phi Phi’s home to stay beautiful so we can be competitive during recruitment, perpetuating our brotherhood for future generations of AXP men.

Yes, meeting our fundraising goal each year is a challenge. But since when do AXP brothers shy away from a challenge? We don’t. We meet challenges head-on, together.

So step up. Be a leader for your pledge class. Be the first guy from your grad year to add your name to the honor roll of donors. Be the alumnus who calls the brothers he knew at the house to give as well. We all rely on your support. Don’t miss the chance to give back to the organization that defined our Penn experience. Even if it’s just $10—just $10 to let your alumni brothers know you’re out there and you still care.

Help us make this giving year the strongest one yet for AXP at Penn. To give to the Centennial Capital Campaign, Click here.

And let’s all give an enthusiastic round of clicks to those brothers who’re leading the charge and have already shown their support this year! Click here to see who’s on the Centennial Capital Campaign Honor Roll. Thanks to these fine men for their ongoing support.