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What were the best nicknames you called your brothers and how did they come about?  

When's the last time you saw a Phi Phi Chapter brother in person? Who were you with, where were you, and what was the occasion? Do you have a photo from that day? 

What do you remember about the top social event the year you graduated? Do you remember your date? Did you happen to marry them? 

What was Phi Phi Club known for during your time at Penn? 

Read on to find out how other Phi Phi  Chapter of Alpha Chi Rho alumni answered these questions.  

Byron Connell ‘63

Last time you saw a classmate: Homecoming, November 2019, at the House. The occasion was the Homecoming party and annual meeting of the Phi Phi Club.

What Alpha Chi Rho was known for: At one time there were a lot of Brothers who were in ROTC or NROTC. At a different time, a lot were musicians in the Penn Band.

Thomas A. Morris ‘73

Nicknames: Larry Caputo ‘70 was Doc, Fred Sanfilippo ‘70 was Lippo, I was Nickel Man, Richard Lilling was Lemon, Glen Cunningham was Fog, Herman Blumenthal ‘72 was Buz.

Last time you saw a classmate: My wedding in 1976, which was attended by Bill and Stephanie Courtney.

Top social event: The top social event was Homecoming. 

What Alpha Chi Rho was known for: Reasonable men.

Joe Havlick ‘83


Boy - Childlike perception of and participation in life

Nim - Short for Nimrod - Really don't know.  RIP, he passed a few years ago.

Terp - Short form of his name and he came from Maryland

Pizza Man - Delivered pizzas on campus.  Also a football play named after him.  In intramural play, he played center and would simply snap, step, and turn to catch for a short gain.  Frequently called at the goal line.

Cincinnati Joe - Guess

The Worm - Unknown origin, he became president!

Last time you saw a classmate: Two weeks ago I was with 4 others. Laid to rest the wife of one of the brothers. The class of '83 and thereabouts stays close.

What Alpha Chi Rho was known for: Known for high achievement in intramurals, best located house on campus , and our house dog, Mr. E!

John Hawkins ‘93

Nicknames: I love the nickname question. As a brother I took nicknaming way too seriously, and with an odd predilection for the Muppets, so perhaps my favorite was giving Jordan Gushurst the nickname of Scooter, because it just fits. But perhaps my proudest achievement in my life, as a former English major, was giving Kofi McCleary 92 the post-post-pledging nickname of Grendel, because no nickname has better fit anyone since Beowulf.

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