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We recently reached out to our brothers to see what they have been up to since their time at Penn, and they had a lot to say! Thanks to John Smart '66 for letting us in on your life! Here is what he had to say below.

Who do you still hang out with from Alpha Chi Rho?

I have had a couple of meals with David Eisenberg, Phi Phi '67 in the Bay Area of NoCal during a spring visit with my daughter (a 4 star wedding photographer there).  David owns and has expanded a family chemical analysis firm.

Tell us about your family—are you married?

I lost my second wife six years ago (pancreatic cancer, her fifth different kind of cancer--too many chemicals sprayed on East Arkansas cotton fields where she grew up) and live in an apartment near downtown Knoxville (city of my birth and upbringing).

Are you advancing your education or working in your dream career? 

I am a very lucky guy.  When I left Price Waterhouse 32 years ago and received the return of my partnership capital, I found the first Vanguard index fund.  For the last 30 years I have been an investment adviser, now manage $50+ million for 6 dozen individuals and families in a dozen states.  At age 77 I have no interest in retiring.  Have always had a home office, was little affected by the pandemic. These days I am an investment adviser and a philanthropist. 

Do you volunteer in your community?

I have accumulated what I need and am giving away virtually all I earn. The emphasis of my philanthropy is organizations which might alleviate or reverse income inequality. My largest contributions go to a Rutgers Univ. center which assists minority colleges and universities (was at Penn until 3-4 years ago). Being a philanthropist makes me feel ten feet tall. Am also lucky in that for the last five years I have been going steady with a woman to whom I was introduced by my sister. Barbara is a walker, bridge player, fellow UK traveler, and great cook. Quite sorry that my 55th Penn class reunion was cancelled. I look forward to returning to campus. Last time was with Barbara to see the resumption of the Ivy League basketball tournament in the Palestra. In addition to monetary contributions, I have been a construction volunteer for Habitat for Humanity for almost 35 years, began in San Antonio (the first Habitat affiliate), continued on 3 Jimmy Carter Work Projects, and foreign trips to India, El Salvador and Northern Ireland. Our Knoxville affiliate has completed over 600 houses, which makes it a top 10 program in terms of production vis a vi urban population base.

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