Lofty Words and True Ideals

Lofty Words and True IdealsThe Brotherhood of All Men

Alpha Chi Rho brothers will recognize the title of this piece as coming from the Landmarks, the basic principles on which the fraternity is based. The Landmarks are lofty words and true ideals, the sort of things that can easily be said but not done or, worse, done without really meaning it. It struck me recently that the Phi Phi Chapter at Penn, though, is living the Landmarks.

Corresponding to Penn’s Homecoming a few weeks ago, Phi Phi had special events to celebrate the centennial of the chapter house. Decades of Phi Phi’s shared in the festivities; it was a heck of a lot of fun!

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Do You Remember Watching March Madness with Your Brothers?

Do You Remember Watching March Madness with Your Brothers?Share your favorite Spring semester story with us!

We all love to reminisce. It’s great fun to remember all the memorable (and often hilarious) times we had together as brothers. Many of your fondest memories of college, may be related to your participation in sporting events with your Phi Phi brothers. March Madness is an event that has often united brothers in following the contest to see who was college basketball’s best team. If we didn’t have a team in the hunt, we still enjoyed the games (pizza and the occasional beverage.) It was just one of the things that was always great about the end of Winter and the beginning of another beautiful Spring in Philadelphia.

So what are your special March Madness  and Spring semester memories?

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What Did You Learn From Alpha Chi Rho?

What Did You Learn From Alpha Chi Rho?Being Men

By Dan Greenberg '86

Early in his training, every Postulant learns Alpha Chi Rho’s motto: ΑΝ ΔΡΙΖΕΣΘΕ – “be men”. But what exactly do they learn? What did WE learn? A recent experience reminded me that Crows very much learn being a gentleman and a good man, is deep graven on each heart.

In November, Phi Phi leveraged Homecoming Weekend at Penn to host a number of festivities in commemoration of the centennial of our chapter house.  Late on Saturday, I was chatting with a recent grad in the basement when we were approached by a young lady – a friend of the guy I was speaking with.  She was wearing a “clubwear” dress – a dress that was intended to get noticed. I certainly noticed, and I thought, “That’s a pretty daring choice. What a confident young woman!”

But on reflection, I thought of something else: this woman felt secure in the House. She felt safe among the Brothers, that nothing untoward would happen to her regardless of her outfit.

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