Alumni Spotlight: David Lelong ’98

A Look Back at His Phi Phi Years and Where He Is Now

Spring 2017

The summer of 1995 was an important one for David Lelong ’98. It was the summer before his sophomore year—the summer that he decided to pledge Phi Phi in the fall.

“I had gotten to know many of the members over the summer, and they quickly became some of my good friends,” he explains.

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Alumni Spotlight: Thomas Morris '73

Spring 2017

Alumni Spotlight: Thomas Morris '73

Dr. Thomas Morris ’73 has kept quite busy over the years, and he shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Commissioned by the Navy to this day and running his medical practice of 30 years, he still has time to fondly recall his days at AXP.

“It was a good group, it really was,” Thomas says. “Penn is a very big place, and it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. The fraternity system really provides a home away from home.”

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Eduardo Briceño ’98 and His Company, Mindset Works

Empowering Individuals to Achieve New Levels of Success

Eduardo Briceño ’98 and His Company, Mindset WorksSince he graduated, Eduardo Briceño ’98 has spent most of his time working alongside teachers, administrators, and other professionals who’ve sought him out for the way he thinks and the unique knowledge he possesses.

These educators and other professionals are looking to learn more about themselves. They want to harness new, innovative ways of thinking and pass them along to their students and colleagues to further develop young minds and foster improvement-oriented cultures.

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