Carl Forsling ’95

Spring 2003 

Carl Forsling '95 is one of the "few good men" defending our country in these difficult times. He remembers fondly his days at Penn and in Al-pha Chi Rho. Those experiences are a far cry from what he has experienced since, in places like Kosovo and Kandahar.

Why did you join Alpha Chi Rho?
I joined freshman year because I thought that the dorms were impersonal – a ware-house for freshman bodies. I wanted to find someplace that felt like home on campus. The reason I picked Alpha Chi Rho was the brothers that I met on my own around campus, doing things like in-tramural sports.

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Peter Schankowitz ’83

Spring 2004schankowitz

If you have ever seen "The Simpsons," Court TV or VH1, you have most likely seen the work of Brother Peter Schankowitz '83 — actor, writer, producer ... and the list goes on. We caught up with this Hollywood personality to see what he is doing these days and to find out about his Phi Phi days. We hope you enjoy this alumni profile.

Tell us about your career.
Most people think I've had so many interesting careers, but my wife is quick to remind them that I just don't have any direction. I started out as an actor and moved to New York after undergraduate school to pursue an acting career. I ended up acting in plays and a couple of commercials. Then I had a downturn where I wasn't getting any work, so I applied to law school. I went to law school at Temple, but the whole time I was there, all I did was look for acting work in Philly. I did get through law school, and afterward, I got a prime job with a gigantic firm in New York. I practiced law, but again, the acting bug came calling. I got a call one day from a guy who wanted to see me about a play. I went down to the Village and was greeted by Joe Layton, who is a famous director, and Cy Coleman, who wrote shows like "Sweet Charity." I ended up getting the job. The play, called "The Life," was about pimps and prostitutes and became a huge hit. After seeing my photo in the paper and New York Magazine, the firm's partners knew what I was up to. They tolerated me for a while, but finally I had enough and went back to acting.

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Scott Kiesling ‘89


Spring 2005

A Radical Concept, Fer Sure! Linguist's Work Inspires Wide Media Coverage, Studied 'Dude'

Scott Kiesling '89, associate professor of linguistics at the University of Pittsburgh, doesn't fully understand why his scholarly study of the word "dude" generated so much media coverage. Stories have appeared in news outlets from CNN to NPR and included an Associated Press article printed in many newspapers nationwide.

"Why is everybody so interested in this?" he asks. "I think it has to do with what is perceived as adolescent or young people's language. Maybe it's a bit of voyeurism on the part of older people to find out what the kids are doing."

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