Joe Moloznik ’54


moloznikSpring 2006 

Readers' Digest has nothing on Joe Moloznik '54. He is able to relate a condensed version of his life story — complete with humorous anecdotes — in a relatively short phone conversation. Joe's story is primarily one of service, featuring Alpha Chi Rho in a prominent role.

Joe has played a starring role with our chapter for more than 50 years. He served the Phi Phi Chapter as steward and vice president during his undergraduate days, and has been active with the alumni association as president, chairman of the board and now chairman emeritus. He's also helped the chapter with various legal issues, and has a story or two about that.

It all adds up to many hours of service from a man who was also busy with a successful law career and a wife and six children.

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Rob Rosenbaum ’90

rosenbaumSpring 2009

Rob Rosenbaum '90 Tells of how his Crow Experience has Shaped his Life and Why He Still Supports it Today

To Rob Rosenbaum '90, brotherhood means more than just remaining friends. It means "having a tie to people that eclipses; being family with people who aren't family," which he says still holds true in his life today.

Rob had not always had his sights set on the University of Pennsylvania. After looking at a few other schools, he decided on Penn because he liked the programs the school had to offer.

His first year living in the dorms, he met a few guys that were members of Alpha Chi Rho. They invited him to several social functions at the house, which he gladly accepted. And although he checked out two or three additional fraternities on campus, in the end he chose Crow.

"It just seemed like a natural fit," said Rob. "Alpha Chi Rho actually overlooks the campus green, so the location and the house itself were a good fit... the camaraderie, good sense of friendship, and just the brotherhood that was there drew me to join."

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Byron Connell ‘63

Spring 2012

Why did you join Alpha Chi Rho during your college years?
I would not be a Crow if it had not been for Curley Walden. As a freshman (in the early '60s), I had pretty much decided not to join a fraternity. In those days, all freshmen men lived on the freshman quad of the Men's Dorm (the 36th Street side). Rush was during the fall, with pledging in the spring. I had participated in rush parties -- they were parties, after all! --including a couple at Phi Phi. None of them really clicked for me. Apparently, Phi Phi had not had a successful rush. I believe the chapter was down to about nine brothers. Early in the spring term, Curley came from National and personally rushed several of us -- including me. He painted the picture of Alpha Chi Rho that I had missed in my visits to the chapter in the fall, and I agreed to pledge. Later that spring, I was initiated in a chapter meeting that proceeded immediately to the election of officers and I went from pledge to newly initiated brother to chapter treasurer, pledge master, and ritual officer.

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