Dave Mudge '73

Spring 2012

Q: What are some of your favorite memories of the fraternity?
Playing touch football across the street at the "Gaza Strip," the open space between Hillel and the Christian Association.
Playing hearts for untold hours at a time — with Howard Ellis '72, John Morris '72 and Bill Farran '72.
Blackjack games that would go on for days.

Q: Why did you join?
After receiving an invite, I realized that the house was really diversified, unlike many of the other houses that had a distinct "flavor" in terms of members. AXP had Christians and Jews, blacks and whites, flower children and ROTC types, preppies and good ol' country boys, jocks and nerds. A few foreigners helped to complete the picture. It was impossible to type the house. As a learning experience, it was invaluable.

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